KRASTEV - Pasta, legumes and canned vegetables

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KRASTEV - Pasta, legumes and canned vegetables
We are proud to say that our company is the only Bulgarian company that owns a modern factory for pasta products, fully equipped with the latest technology, automatic lines and machines. We have long-term partnerships with countries all over the world. Our distribution channel is well developed, covering more than 80% of the Bulgarian market.

High quality raw materials
We use high quality raw materials. Our pasta products are produced by 100% wheat semolina.

Latest production technology
The factory is fully equipped with automatic Italian machines and lines with a specially created production technology.

High quality of the final product
Our machines are automatic, working with specific recipes. This means that we can guarantee a high quality final product.

Pure product
Our pasta products do not contain any preservatives, food colouring and GMO.

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